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A look in to our French chateau kitchen

If you are in search of something distinctly different to enrich your home, then Hawkesbury is definitely for you. Designed with a stop bubble moulding, this door will become the focal point of any room due to its unique style and construction.

With styling reminiscent of a French chateau, the accessories that accompany this remarkable door will ensure that your kitchen space is used to its full potential. A large central island, with its pastry bench and deep working drawers is perfect for display and storage and the open plate rack display, X-box wine rack and unit internals feature an oak finish to reflect the oak worktop used on the island, creating a harmonious feel. The magnificent overmantle has been designed specifically to match the door design and shaped gable ends complete the overall look.

Always dreamed of having your own drinks cabinet? Make it a reality! Nestled inside one of our concave pantry units lies a bespoke area for housing all your creative cocktail accoutrements including glass holder, inset chopping boards (for lemons & limes), bottle rack and concave scalloped drawers, all enhanced by internal LED lighting. Cocktail anyone?

Tailored paint palette.

Achieve the perfect look for your dream kitchen with our carefully selected palette of paints and stains. These paints can be used in any combination to get your ideal colour.

Along with this palette choice, you also have the option of our bespoke paint to order service. This service means we can paint to any rail number or paint chart on the market, which is ideal if you’ve already seen some colours elsewhere that you know would be perfect.

You can choose from a smooth painted or timber painted finish for a combination or uniform look across the kitchen.