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A look in to our curved kitchen

With its unique raised moulded beading, devised to accentuate the highlights and shadows of this ornate door, Charlotte is a quintessential example of truly ‘grand’ design. Accompanied by an exclusive collection of accessories, all created to reflect its elegant nature, a Charlotte kitchen will never be matched for style, quality or opulence, all whilst fulfilling its practical requirements.

Accessories include handcrafted 5-piece posts to highlight appliances or other important features, moulded plinths that match the detailing in the door and lavishly embellished Charlotte posts which are used for worktop support.

Curves and bows contribute to the complexity of Charlotte’s craftsmanship, featuring frames with curved glass, curved and bowed doors, curved inset chopping boards and a bowed pantry unit with Walnut spice racks (also bowed). When it comes to classic luxury you need not look further than the Charlotte kitchen.

Tailored paint palette.

Achieve the perfect look for your dream kitchen with our carefully selected palette of paints and stains. These paints can be used in any combination to get your ideal colour.

Along with this palette choice, you also have the option of our bespoke paint to order service. This service means we can paint to any rail number or paint chart on the market, which is ideal if you’ve already seen some colours elsewhere that you know would be perfect.

You can choose from a smooth painted or timber painted finish for a combination or uniform look across the kitchen.